Erik the Red


  • Nicknamed Erik the red because of flaming red hair

  • Erik the red’s father- Thorvald Asvaldsson had also been exiled and he had moved to Hornstrandir with his family. Source -

  • Erik and his dad Thorvald, had taken part in many juicy feuds. 

  • History says Erik was the first to discover Greenland but Icelandic sagas say that other Norsemen had discovered it before, led by Bjarni

  • Erik had three sons and a daughter: 

-          Leif Eriksson

-          Thorvald Eriksson

-          Thornstein Eriksson

-          Freydis Eriksdottir

Yep, hat's me right over there!


About myself By: The Notorious Erik Thorvaldsson!!!

I am the Notorious Erik the Red who was was the father of Leif Ericsson, Thorstein Ericsson, and Freydis Eriksdottir. You do NOT want to mess with me because I've a mad temper which makes me so furious, that even the great Odin gets scared of me! Because of my father Asvalsson, I was banished from Iceland for three years for the murder of two men. Come on, they just made me super angry! Even the judge would'nt believe me and he thought I was just another crazy psychopath murderer (actually I kind of am that)!

 Later on, I did not have a place to stay. So I was forced to look for new land. Eventually I came across a major discovery: Greenland. After those three LOOOOOOOOOONG years I FINALLY went back to Iceland to advertise about Greenalnd. Man, I was about to get rich! Now this may sound surprisisng but although I was a murderer, I wasn't a loner. I wanted people to talk to, party with, etc. There were 25 ships  but only 14 ships returned filled with people, I then settled down to live in a place that I call - Eriksfjord. Unfortunatley I had died around the year 1005. Wait, if I'm already dead, WHY AM I STILL TALKING!??!?!?!?!?!!?!

Oh and by the way, on the year 1003, my great son "Leif the Lucky" had brought me this Horroufous creatures whom he calls CATS! They are horrifying! just the sweet smell of them! It disgusts me! I don't even know how Leif LIKES these horrifying CREATURES! Now, thanks to the so - called "Leif the Lucky" I am stuck with these cats! I wish I was Erik the Lucky! By the way here is a picture of how horrifying they are!

 Look how CUTE no I mean, look how TERRIFYING THESE ALIENS ARE!!!!!


Why is Greenland called Greenland?

Well, if you have been to Greenland, you would obviuosly know that it does NOT live up to its name. Furthermore, instead of being a dreamy, wonderful place full of lush green grasses and green maedows, Greenland is icy and cold! (P.S. Nobody tell this to anybody! This is only between me and you! I need more people to come and live here!). My family and I know the secrets about why Iceland and Greenland were called Greenland! (Oops, WHY DID I TELL YOU THAT! DO NOT ASK MY FAMILY HOW ICELAND OR GREENLAND GOT ITS NAME PLEASE!) We, the notorious vikings are also known as Scandinavians who have sttled in many parts of northern Europe.

 Ok, so you know how most people think that we Vikings are just bloodthirsty raiders, well that's not all exactly true. We all still had a thriving culture. Even though most of us were bloodthirsty berserkers we Scandinavians also had explorers and navigators.  We even explored Europe using our well-known longships (play the Viking Quest game on the games section on the more section to find out more). However, the designs of our longships were very different than the ships we use today.

Of course, when you tell someone that they will be travelling with you to a place that is barren, cold and inhospitable you may have trouble convincing even a Viking to come with you. So instead, I called the island Greenland and instead painted the island as being a wonderful place to settle.

There are other theories as to how Greenland got its name. One theory is that the “green” in Greenland is actually a translation error. The word “grunt” actually means ground and it could be that Greenland was meant to be named Gruntland (or ground land).

The island has never been heavily populated. Much of it is covered by a sheet of ice. The only area that is not covered in ice is only clear because the air is so dry that ice cannot form. Many Native cultures have used the island as a hunting ground and several nations have used the island as a strategic launching point or a base during various conflicts and wars.

The island is currently owned by Denmark despite previous attempts by the United States to purchase the island.